Studying a higher degree or a university degree? Which is better?


Studying a higher degree or a university degree? Which is better?

Choosing a course is a key decision for future employment. The students, in some cases, are very clear about their path, but there are other cases in which doubts and insecurities arise. This is normal, since there is a wide range of university courses and training cycles in the education system.

There are several factors that students can take into account when choosing one path or another; the duration of the studies, employability, practical training, social prestige... Below we analyze these aspects so that you can consider them and you can easily choose your academic future.
Advantages of studying a higher degree or FP (vocational training)The duration of these studies is much less than that of a university degree. In general, a FP lasts 2 years, while a university career takes at least 4 years, not counting the years of a master's degree and the repetition of a course or subject.
The higher cycles are very oriented towards practical training which, combined with theory, allows access to training practices in companies. The training cycles contain the Work Center Training module that puts students in contact with the world of work.
High employability. In recent years, VT has achieved a high level of employment in Spain, accounting for 38.8% of job offers. It is the most demanded non-university training. Of the professional families that have received the most job offers according to the Infoempleo-Adecco report, they are:Administration and management.

Electricity and electronic.

Mechanical manufacturing.

Trade and Marketing.Higher grades are in high demand today. In recent years, the number of students enrolled in these courses has increased by 71%. These data reflect that the FPs have overcome their prejudices and that they have more and more social recognition.
In addition to all of the above, if you decide to study a higher degree and once you have finished it, with the title of higher technician you will be able to access the university. Do not rule out the option of making a career in the future.

Advantages of studying a university degreeThe fact that the duration of these teachings is longer, brings with it the advantage that you acquire more knowledge and a more developed training.
The employment of university careers is also quite high. It accounts for 44% of job offers requesting a higher university degree. These are more qualified jobs, so they require this training and, therefore, offer better salary conditions . The degrees most in demand by companies are the following according to the Infoempleo-Adecco report cited above: 1. Business Administration and Management, 2. Industrial Engineering, 3. Computer Engineering, 4. Business Administration and Law, and 5. Work Sciences , Labor Relations and Human Resources.

Computer and Communication.

At the end of your degree, the university gives you the opportunity to go on to higher education and specialize through a master 's degree or a doctorate . If you like the field of research or want to develop a career as a teacher, this is your path.
Thanks to the Bologna plan that currently governs our university system, you will be able to study and obtain a double degree in less time than it would take to study two degrees.
The social prestige that university careers have in some sectors is based on the fact that the higher the qualification, the greater the professional prestige. It is true that the university offers more preparation but it does not mean that higher degree titles should be underestimated, they are different teachings.

If you are still in doubt, you should know that both teachings can complement each other. With a higher degree you can access university and vice versa, since the two qualifications correspond to higher education.

In short, in a university career you will obtain more knowledge and preparation, but you will have to spend more time of your life studying. On the other hand, the higher cycle offers a shorter and more specific apprenticeship, and internships in companies that may hire you in the future.

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